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A hydrating care that will transform your appearance.

May be used on all skin types (young and aging).

Purified water, Tightened pores.

Bolstering, tonifying care with Vitamin C

Fine tunes your skin texture.

Apply a few drops for a glowing look all day long. 

Use to hydrate your skin, before applying day cream.

Good for sensitive and ordinary skin.

Acts directly on cells from the inside.

Stimulates the production of collagen and detoxifies the skin.


SKINTONIC and SKINELEXIR may also be applied at the same time as SKINCLEAR HD

in order to enhance its depigmenting or clarifying effects, to provide a smoother skin tone and

to clear up pimples caused by acne, suitable for all skin color variations.

Apply a few drops for regenerated skin. 

Repairs skin cell damage caused by environmental stress factors. May be used on all skin types. 

Contains 3 powerful, rejuvenating antioxidants (to renew the skin). 

SKINELEXIR is among the most highly concentrated products on the market in terms of free Vitamin C (15.2%) and EGCG, the most active polyphenol found in green tea.

Removes age spots (old spot) and prepares your skin for the sun. Repairs damaged skin (smoke, pollution, UV rays).

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  • SKINELEXIR may be applied prior to sun exposure. SKINELEXIR may be applied on its own or as a supplement to SKINTONIC

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SKINCLEARHD clarifies and protects your skin with 100% natural ingredients.

SKINCLEARHD counteracts hyperpigmentation (UV, pollution, hormonal variations)

Depigmenting and clarifying effect after six weeks of regular application (once or twice a day).

SKINCLEARHD is an exceptional anti-aging treatment that gives your skin a lustrous look.

Thanks to its unique formula with a high concentration of antioxidants, this serum provides a restorative action after exposure to free radicals. 

The anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer action of its ingredients are scientifically proven.

SKINCLEAR’s effects may be further enhance by also applying SKINFREEDOM three times a week to affected areas.

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SKINDTOX purifies your skin (counteracts blackheads, tightens pores, reduces excessively oily skin). It combines anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and free-radical fighting effects. 

This health and beauty cocktail will bestow you with a new burst of wellbeing and lightness. 

Its essential oils give a boost to your natural energy, imbuing your skin with an attractive, vitamin-rich, suntanned (A, C, E) look. May be used as after shaving care. Ideal for use after physical exercise.

ABSOLUTE SKINOIL instantly calms irritation caused to sensitive skin (allergens, pollution).

Provides deep hydration for your skin..

Calms razor burn (Men). 

Powerful and invigorating, ABSOLUTE SKINOIL tonifies your body and mind. Ideal for use after physical exercise and showering.

With a tinge of azure blue hue, it penetrates your skin rapidly without leaving any trace.

It will make your skin immeasurably soft and supple. 

Apply generously on your face and body (in small amounts) Morning and night, on its own or after using your serum.

To further enhance its effects, apply Absolute SKIN Oil after using SKINDTOX. This PAIR of products will give you a sparkling look and immeasurably soft and hydrated skin. 


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Absolute SKIN OIL

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SKINFREEDOM will release your skin from its blemishes.

This powerful serum is made of highly active, natural ingredients that counteract hyperpigmentation (sunlight, hormonal variations, melasma). 

SKINFREEDOM may be used to treat acne (for adolescents and adult women), this serum works as an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory product.

SKINFREEDOM is the most effective solution for counteracting red blotchy skin on the face. Its unique formula  may be used to treat rosacea (broken blood vessels).

SKIN FREEDOM's unique formula helps to lighten and reduce dark pigmentation areas of the skin, producing a luminous complexion. Our product is specially formulated to respect your skin's natural pH balance.

Apply two or three times a week for a minimum of 6 weeks for the best results. In addition use our SKINCLEARHD serum oil to maximise that glowing youthful skin look.

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